3 Considerations Before Choosing a Group Health Plan

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Many businesses offer their employees the option to participate in a group health plan. Other than meeting the Affordable Care Act requirements, businesses need to consider a few key factors before choosing a company such as Owen health care NJ.


Health care policies are available as a PPO or HMO plan. PPOs offer greater flexibility to choose doctors but often cost more for employers and employees. An HMO plan limits the choice of doctors but is often less expensive. Look at what the plan covers such as prescriptions, emergency room visits, annual physical exams and lab tests.


In addition to a health insurance plan, you need to consider if you want to offer voluntary benefits. These benefits cost the employer nothing but come with the group rate savings for your employer. Common benefits include vision, dental and disability insurance.


As an employer, you need to consider how much your business can spend on the health plan. How much of the premium the employee must pay depends on how much the employer is willing to pay. Additional costs include deductibles, coinsurance and copays.

Choosing the right group health insurance plan depends on a variety of factors. Talk with an agent at Owen health care NJ to find out what works best for your business and employees.

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