3 Ways to Encourage New Residents to Live at an Independent Living Facility

Caitlin Morgan Insurance

Residents and their families take great care in choosing an independent living facility. In addition to protecting your business with independent living facilities coverage, you can take steps to make sure your facility meets the needs of residents. Happy residents stay longer and contribute to free advertising.


The insurance firm Caitlin Morgan Insurance states these senior housing communities do not require on-site nursing staff or medical care. While the residents may live independently, they may no longer drive. Offering transportation services to doctor’s appointments along with local attractions makes your facility attractive.


The offered amenities vary by facility. Facilities have in-house restaurants, craft rooms, on-site beautician, media rooms and craft areas. Parks and beautifully landscaped grounds invite residents to maintain physical fitness while looking aesthetically pleasing.


Meaningful relationships are forged over the common ground making activities a must-have for independent living facilities. Gardening, golfing, game night, bingo and events keep residents interested and engaged with the community. They have the opportunity to do things they enjoy.

Offering seniors the opportunity to continue doing things they love in a community that allows them to thrive helps make your facility appealing. Independent living facilities coverage covers a variety of liabilities faced by your business, so you can focus on caring for your residents.

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