Advertising Your Insurance Business during the Crisis

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Who can deny that the world has seen some serious change since the New Year? As we try and move forward, proceeding with a new normal, there is much uncertainty about what to expect in the future. However, this doesn’t need to mean a death sentence for your insurance company. Everyone is in the same boat, so how can you bulk up your advertising techniques during the crisis?

Update Your Website

Insurance websites right now are flooded with concerned Americans looking for new insurance, asking questions about existing plans and learning what is and is not covered. In the wake of all of the madness, think of ways that your website can serve as a point of reference to guide your users in the right direction. Have no idea where to start? Check out for some good advice.

  • Instead of being inundated with redundant questions, create a new FAQ section. This can quickly help to answer questions from patrons without needing to contact you first.
  • Provide helpful links, both internally and externally. This means guiding customers to specific pages like your prices and plans, but you can also link them to places like the CDC and IRS webpages.
  • If you provide 24-hour service via telephone or website, make sure that everyone knows! Provide contact information and heavily emphasize your hours of operation.

No matter what’s going on in the world, let your company stay constant. Update your website to let the public know how you’re handling it and more importantly, how you can help.

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