Boost Learning and Creativity With Library Programs After School

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While many people believe a library should be used for study purposes, the truth is that a library can foster learning, creativity, and growth in students of all ages. That’s why your library should continually update its programs with new after school library program ideas to keep children engaged.

Creative Program Ideas

Keeping your library programs fresh and interesting is key to providing a nurturing environment for students after school. The information found at explains how these library programs can be beneficial for students and provide examples of programs. Here are a few more ideas to add to your list of potential programs:

1. Have themed book parties:

These could be princess themed, fantasy-themed or themed around a particular book series. Students can dress up and explore the books in an interactive way.
2. Start craft programs: Students can let their creativity run free with arts and crafts after school. This can be for all age groups.

3. Create an escape room:

If your library has an extra room, you can create an escape room. Students will have to solve puzzles or answer questions to find the key. If you don’t have an extra room, you could always use bookshelves as the walls.
Giving Students More Options
Library programs can help students grow, learn and make friends. Adding a few after school library program ideas to your list of activities

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