Camping vs. Glamping

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There are two different kinds of people in the world. Camper or glamper, there is no wrong way to enjoy the great outdoors. Before planning your next outdoor retreat, be sure that all participants are on the same page as far as what to expect. A glamper might not enjoy the same things a camper does, and vice versa.


A combination of the words camping and glamorous, people who enjoy glamping err on the side of luxury as opposed to rugged. They usually camp in RVs or trailers which are insured by a reputable agency like Freeman Insurance Agency. They prefer to observe Mother Nature from the comfort of their armchair, sipping a cocktail as they peruse through Netflix.


Are you an outdoorsy soul? Does the smell of pine trees make you as excited as a kid on Christmas morning? If so, you are probably a camper. You don’t have RV insurance because you don’t own an RV; instead you use Freeman Insurance Agency for its other features. You love all things that are traditionally associated with camping: sleeping in a tent; roasting food on a stick; and hiking along the riverside.

It doesn’t matter which type you are; enjoying nature is something that you can do however you like. So long as you are safe and having fun, that’s all that matters on a camping trip!

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