Cyber Liability Insurance and Practicing Lawyers

In the modern world, cyber liability insurance has become prevalent within almost every profession, including law. Since most law practitioners rely on digital transmissions for confidential information and data, attorney cyber liability insurance has become popular among practicing lawyers. 

Understanding Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber liability insurance protects businesses, organizations, and individuals from cyber-based crimes. Generally, cyber liability insurance offers coverage for data breaches involving sensitive information. In addition, cyber liability insurance protects organizations against: 

  • Ransomware
  • Network security failure liabilities 
  • Privacy liabilities 

Most cyber liability insurance plans also provide cyber security training and network assistance so consumers can better prepare for an unexpected cyber attack. 

Why Attorney Cyber Liability Insurance is Necessary 

Lawyers have an obligation to protect their clients’ information. Most attorneys utilize wireless networks, the Internet, and computers to do their work. In the event of cybercrime involving a lawyer’s network or device, liability costs can reach tens of thousands of dollars. General liability insurance is not enough to cover the costs of a data breach or cyber attack. 

Since lawyers rely on digital technology to handle information, they must also consider protecting their computers and network systems. Cyber liability insurance for lawyers may be a viable way for you to protect yourself and your clients.  

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