Does General Liability Insurance Cover Drones?

With drones becoming more popular in use in real estate marketing, it’s important to take a look at whether your general liability insurance covers incidents involving drones. It’s not only accidents while using the drone and potentially damaging property or people. The use of drones has led to privacy claims, which often must be adjudicated in the courts. Drones themselves can be damaged, which can be expensive to replace. Drone marketing insurance is a special insurance policy to cover usage.

Are You Using a Drone For Business?

There are a lot of advantages in using drones for marketing in real estate. Even though the restrictions for drones are lighter than they were a few years ago, it’s important to make sure your business is handling the use of drones correctly. Generally, when using a drone for commercial purposes, you need a licensed operator. Even with a well-trained drone operator, accidents can happen. A drone insurance policy can cover damage to the drone or third party damages, whether property or bodily injury.

Ask your agent about your drone policy and whether it protects you against claims of invasion of property. A drone has many liabilities. Ask about drone marketing insurance to protect your business.

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