Don’t Forget Dog Bite Liability Insurance

insurance for dog bites

No one wants to think about his or her dog harming another person. Unfortunately, the risk is there, no matter your dog’s breed or temperament. Anything can happen and there are many reasonable scenarios where a dog bite may occur. While you hope that it will not happen to you, it doesn’t hurt to be protected with insurance for dog bites.

Dog Bite Liability Claims

Did you know that a dog bite claim, on average, costs around $30,000? Most people don’t have that type of cash lying around for a settlement. Insurance protects you from having to pay those fees out of pocket if someone files a claim against you.

Accidents Lead to Claims

When someone thinks about a dog bite, generally he or she is going to think of an aggressive dog. This is not always the case. A dog may feel cornered, afraid or it may be protecting you. In addition to intentional bites, dogs may accidentally harm someone. For instance, a scratch or playful bite could lead to serious injury.

The point of insurance for dog bites is to have the protection, just in case anything should happen. Even if your dog is the most behaved, sweet furry family member, accidents do happen and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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