How Working for the Gig Economy Affects Your Auto Insurance Needs

More and more people are opting into the gig economy choosing flexibility over rigid corporate jobs. Many people use gig jobs to have supplemental or extra income. Whatever your reason for being a part of the gig economy, it may be time to invest in commercial auto insurance Orlando FL.

Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers often use their personal car when making pizza, take-out or grocery runs to customer’s houses. Unfortunately, your personal auto insurance may not provide coverage when you use your personal vehicle for commercial purposes.

Shuttling People

Taking people to and from places puts you at greater risk in the event of an accident. Commercial auto insurance offers additional protection for the people in your car when you are transporting them as paying customers.

Pickup Services

Regularly use your car to pick up items from one place to another? You need a commercial auto insurance policy. When you are in an accident while working, your personal auto policy may not cover you.

Don’t be caught in an accident while working without commercial auto insurance Orlando FL. The additional insurance cost can save you thousands of dollars in medical bills, repair costs and legal fees. If you are unsure whether your gig job needs additional auto insurance, consult your insurance agent to make sure you are covered.

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