Independent Contractors: Can They Drive the Company Car?


For businesses that work with independent contractors, the subject of insurance and liability can be complex. For instance, if you own a construction company, odds are you have independent contractors. You may be wondering, can an independent contractor drive a company vehicle? While some contractors have their own vehicles, you may need them to drive the company vehicle from time to time. Here is what you need to know.

Are Contractors Insured?

It is best to have independent contractors carry their own insurance, according to the experts at Daniels Insurance. This is because independent contractors are generally not covered under your business auto insurance. It might seem easier to let your contractor’s drive the vehicles for the company, you do need to take extra care. If something happens or if they are in an accident, they may not have the coverage necessary. If you want your contractors to drive the company vehicles, you need to require that they carry insurance.

You can allow an independent contractor to drive your company vehicle. This will not be the same as an employee driving the business vehicle, however. You have to require that the contractor has his or her own insurance before you allow them to get behind the wheel. Often, your insurance will not cover independent contractors.

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