Insurance Concerns in the Entertainment Industry

entertainment insurance

The risks associated with performances and entertainment are unique and incredibly varied. Because of the individualized nature of events such as concerts, film and television production and dance performances, there are many risk-related concerns in the entertainment industry. Since the field of entertainment often includes live activities that are unpredictable or high risk in nature, there are several different kinds of entertainment insurance policies that you might want to consider.

Commercial General Liability

This is coverage provided to a business for property damage, bodily injury or personal injury that is caused by the company’s operations or production.

Workers’ Compensation

If there’s any chance that an employee could be hurt or injured while they are working, workers’ compensation should be included in your entertainment insurance policy. This coverage can cover costs associated with the employee’s medical expenses.

Commercial Property

This coverage will protect your physical assets from things such as theft, vandalism, fire, explosions and burst pipes. It does not usually cover damage caused by flooding.

Special Event Liability

This coverage will cover costs associated with injury to others and damage caused to a rented property, as a result of the company’s operations or production.

The risks associated with performance and entertainment are multifaceted and come with a high level of risk. Depending on the type of show entertainment being produced you may also want to consider coverage for:

Spectator liability
Sponsor liability
Foreign travel
Prize indemnity
Equine liability
Political risk
Adverse weather

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