Reasons You Need Workers Comp Insurance

Workers Compensation Coverage

When you own a staffing agency, you may have employees who work in a variety of fields. Finding a suitable workers comp program can be challenging, but it’s important to be diligent about your search for the right coverage.

It Protects Employees

The experts at recommend finding the workers comp for staffing firms that will serve your employees the best. Each agency is different, and the kind of coverage you need to make sure your employees who are injured on the job get the medical help and lost wages they deserve depends on how many industries you serve.

  • It Protects You

    Failure to provide adequate coverage can put you at serious financial risk. If an employee is injured and you don’t have the right type of policy, you can be held liable for lost income or treatments. Workers comp also safeguards your reputation as a company that takes care of its workers.

  • It’s the Law

    In most states, providing adequate workers comp coverage falls to the employer. Since your staffing firm is technically the company that hires temporary workers, it’s your responsibility to protect them.

  • Making sure you have adequate workers’ compensation coverage for your staffing firm is essential. Your insurance agent can advise you on the right coverage. read more

    Library Insurance

    Even though libraries are commonly seen as safe, peaceful locations, they still possess some risk. Operators might need to consider obtaining a comprehensive library insurance plan that covers these potential exposures and protects the establishment, its employees and its patrons. The following coverage areas are some of the most common among libraries.

    General Liability

    Perhaps the plan with the widest scope, general liability insurance protects the library in case a patron is injured due to neglectful conditions of the premises, equipment, employees’ actions and other factors. This insurance coverage covers medical and legal costs related to the injuries, as well as potential slander and libel. Source: read more

    Construction Wrap Up Insurance

    If you’re developing a multi-million dollar construction project, the responsibility of meeting all the requirements can seem overwhelming. Each step of the process, from sticking to budget limitations to meeting the deadline, requires you to be deliberate and plan ahead. Here is everything you need to know about keeping your project protected with construction wrap up insurance.

    What Is Construction Wrap Up Insurance?

    Construction wraps up an insurance policy is a blanket policy that provides contractors, subcontractors, and owners with the protection they need during a project. Because wrap up coverage is reserved for projects that exceed 10 million dollars, it is an essential type of insurance for jobs that require a considerable amount of work and preparation. read more

    Construction Insurance

    There are general liability construction issues that can plague the most seasoned contractors, and dealing with work-related accidents can be both expensive and time-consuming. As advised by the experts at, the right construction insurance policy makes the difference in having the financial resources necessary to withstand a lawsuit. This could be a deciding factor in being able to stay in business or having to shut it down.

    Types of Services Needing Coverage

    As a precaution, many clients will request that a contractor or business carry a specific coverage line and limit before work on a project is allowed to begin.  Some of those businesses or services include: read more


    There’s a reason people readily pay a couple of hundred dollars to see their favorite artists perform in concert. Concerts can be an incredible experience. However, they can also pose a number of risks. Any time there are thousands of excitable people crammed into an event space there are safety concerns, but there are things you can do to help mitigate these concerns.

    Types of Emergencies

    There are several different kinds of emergencies that can happen at live events. Some of them include:

    • Power outage
    • Fire
    • Chemical spill
    • Active shooter
    • Extreme weather event
    • Bomb threat
    • Stampede
    • Disease outbreak

    The action you take will depend on what emergency you’re facing, so being prepared for as many incidents as possible is advised. read more

    Rental Payment

    With some exceptions, residential real estate is usually a smart and profitable investment opportunity. Those who can purchase more than one residential property are typically at a distinct economic advantage. They can collect rental income that may cover their entire mortgage payment, all while building equity. There are, however, a few potential disadvantages.

    Rental Payment Default

    There are a variety of reasons why tenants can default on their rental payment, some of which include:

    • Abandonment
    • Serious illness
    • Eviction
    • Deployment
    • Death

    Fortunately, renters insurance for landlords may cover the loss for these kinds of circumstances. More information about this kind of coverage can be found at read more

    regan agency

    While many people believe a library should be used for study purposes, the truth is that a library can foster learning, creativity, and growth in students of all ages. That’s why your library should continually update its programs with new after school library program ideas to keep children engaged.

    Creative Program Ideas

    Keeping your library programs fresh and interesting is key to providing a nurturing environment for students after school. The information found at explains how these library programs can be beneficial for students and provide examples of programs. Here are a few more ideas to add to your list of potential programs: read more

    byrnes agency

    As someone owning a snow plowing business, you likely use or might obtain insurance to cover any potential incidents and situations. However, a General Liability plan can only cover so much, leaving out specialized dangers. A comprehensive snow plowing insurance plan includes a variety of coverage options that consider the needs of your business. Continue reading to learn about some of the coverage areas you can expect in this insurance plan.

    Workers’ Compensation 

    Workers’ compensation is an important policy included by and other insurance providers. If an employee becomes ill or injured on the job, then insurance will cover medical costs, rehabilitation, and other expenses. At the same time, the company can collaborate to investigate the incident and develop preventative measures. read more


    When it comes to handling investments, you want someone who is an expert who can anticipate market trends and protect your clients’ assets. Not everyone who enters this fast-paced work environment is prepared to manage the many responsibilities, which is why FGIB can help protect your institution. What are the characteristics of an investment banker that can be an asset to your company? These are just three skills you should look for.

    1. Social Skills: A good investment banker should have a positive outlook and exceptional interpersonal and networking finesse. Without the ability to build relationships, a banker may not be able to make those connections that lead to successful ventures.
    2. Discipline: A strong work ethic may be a good indicator that someone is cut out for the world of investment banking. This is a high-stress field with long hours and many demands. It certainly isn’t for everyone, so for people who prefer more direction and less multitasking, this may not be a good fit.
    3. Intelligence: An analytical mind and strong problem-solving abilities are just two characteristics of an investment banker that can make a difference. A solid background in mathematics, economics, and finance can also provide the expertise an investment banker should have to perform well.

    These characteristics can make all the difference between an average and an exceptional investment banker. Keep them in mind when your financial institution conducts an employee search. read more


    When it comes to long-term facilities, you need specific insurance coverage. With an intermediate care facility, you would need different coverages than a standard nursing home. Here is what you need to know about ICFs.

    What Is an ICF?

    An ICF offers a variety of different services to patients. The experts at HighlandRisk explain that facilities may hire physical therapists, social workers, dietitians, nurses and others to help residents with different tasks. These facilities may assist residents in the following tasks: read more

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