3 Essential Coverage Areas for Your Snow Plowing Business

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As someone owning a snow plowing business, you likely use or might obtain insurance to cover any potential incidents and situations. However, a General Liability plan can only cover so much, leaving out specialized dangers. A comprehensive snow plowing insurance plan includes a variety of coverage options that consider the needs of your business. Continue reading to learn about some of the coverage areas you can expect in this insurance plan.

Workers’ Compensation 

Workers’ compensation is an important policy included by www.byrnesagency.com and other insurance providers. If an employee becomes ill or injured on the job, then insurance will cover medical costs, rehabilitation, and other expenses. At the same time, the company can collaborate to investigate the incident and develop preventative measures. read more


When it comes to handling investments, you want someone who is an expert who can anticipate market trends and protect your clients’ assets. Not everyone who enters this fast-paced work environment is prepared to manage the many responsibilities, which is why FGIB can help protect your institution. What are the characteristics of an investment banker that can be an asset to your company? These are just three skills you should look for.

  1. Social Skills: A good investment banker should have a positive outlook and exceptional interpersonal and networking finesse. Without the ability to build relationships, a banker may not be able to make those connections that lead to successful ventures.
  2. Discipline: A strong work ethic may be a good indicator that someone is cut out for the world of investment banking. This is a high-stress field with long hours and many demands. It certainly isn’t for everyone, so for people who prefer more direction and less multitasking, this may not be a good fit.
  3. Intelligence: An analytical mind and strong problem-solving abilities are just two characteristics of an investment banker that can make a difference. A solid background in mathematics, economics, and finance can also provide the expertise an investment banker should have to perform well.

These characteristics can make all the difference between an average and an exceptional investment banker. Keep them in mind when your financial institution conducts an employee search. read more


When it comes to long-term facilities, you need specific insurance coverage. With an intermediate care facility, you would need different coverages than a standard nursing home. Here is what you need to know about ICFs.

What Is an ICF?

An ICF offers a variety of different services to patients. The experts at HighlandRisk explain that facilities may hire physical therapists, social workers, dietitians, nurses and others to help residents with different tasks. These facilities may assist residents in the following tasks: read more

Personal Watercraft

Jet skis are common summertime toys for use on the water. Rental companies use personal watercraft rental insurance to keep losses at bay. Use these tips to winterize the jet skis so they can enjoy another summer of fun without added costs.

Water Removal

The first thing to do is to remove any excess water from the watercraft prior to storage. Follow the instructions on the owner’s manual to remove the water from the cooling system. Then clean the jet ski using mild soap and finish with a fresh coat of wax. Remove excess grime from the bilge area to prep it for the coming year. read more

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As a manufacturer, it’s vital that you carry adequate insurance coverage to protect your investment. As you contact various agents and build out your coverage, here are three simple liability coverages that you should plan to include in your policy.

General Liability Insurance

General liability protects you against third party lawsuits arising from everyday business activities. This can range from a potential client injuring themselves during a tour of your facility to a visitor’s car getting damaged in your parking lot. With the right coverage, you’ll be able to cover any legal fees and liabilities arising from such cases. read more


For businesses that work with independent contractors, the subject of insurance and liability can be complex. For instance, if you own a construction company, odds are you have independent contractors. You may be wondering, can an independent contractor drive a company vehicle? While some contractors have their own vehicles, you may need them to drive the company vehicle from time to time. Here is what you need to know.

Are Contractors Insured?

It is best to have independent contractors carry their own insurance, according to the experts at Daniels Insurance. This is because independent contractors are generally not covered under your business auto insurance. It might seem easier to let your contractor’s drive the vehicles for the company, you do need to take extra care. If something happens or if they are in an accident, they may not have the coverage necessary. If you want your contractors to drive the company vehicles, you need to require that they carry insurance. read more

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Being able to call yourself a business owner is an exciting new beginning, but remember that that’s exactly it: A beginning. There is still much to consider even after you’ve obtained your merchant’s license and registered a name with your state — that is, after you’ve given your license a nice frame!

Be Covered

Whether you are opening a restaurant or cannabis supply store, you need the right kind of insurance that is appropriate for your business. If you sell only glassware, for example, would a food spoilage package be relevant for you? Likely not. Understand the difference between specialty insurance programs and all other kinds of insurance and speak to an agent to help guide you; https://www.thayerinnes.com is a great place to start if you’ve got questions. read more

modification management : Know About Ex Mod Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance is a critical component of all business insurance policies. What many business owners don’t know, however, is how the cost of their coverage is calculated. Why do some companies pay higher premiums than others? Part of it has to do with your ex mod rating. Here’s what you should know about ex mod and how it impacts your workers’ comp insurance cost.

What Is Ex Mod Insurance?

Also known as Experience Modification Rate, it is a score assigned to you by the Workers’ Compensation Rating Bureau that helps to determine the total cost of your workers’ compensation insurance. Simply put, it’s a factor that takes into account your previous claims history when calculating your premium. read more

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Residents and their families take great care in choosing an independent living facility. In addition to protecting your business with independent living facilities coverage, you can take steps to make sure your facility meets the needs of residents. Happy residents stay longer and contribute to free advertising.


The insurance firm Caitlin Morgan Insurance states these senior housing communities do not require on-site nursing staff or medical care. While the residents may live independently, they may no longer drive. Offering transportation services to doctor’s appointments along with local attractions makes your facility attractive. read more

Real Estate

The real estate business has made quite the comeback since a 2009 low. Investment property insurance can help you protect those investments. These strategies can help you jump into the real estate market.

Undiscovered Location

Undiscovered cities may offer a better investment, especially for new investors. Smaller markets may offer better deals than crowded big markets. The insurance firm Moody Insurance Worldwide states even vacant properties can receive protection.

Wholesale Investing

Investing in wholesale real estate reduces the turnaround time without the sweat equity of other options. Other investors use wholesalers to find and purchase property without spending the search time. read more

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