Is International Workers Compensation a Fit for You?

As an employer, it’s important you have the benefits to draw in the talent that really allows your company to compete. This is doubly true if you operate in the global marketplace and have to recruit for operations abroad. International workers compensation is one way to provide robust, competitive benefits that go way beyond the bare minimum.

  • Customize them to match domestic workers compensation coverage seamlessly
  • Provide robust, full protection to employees without worrying, from the moment they step outside the United States
  • Policies protect your staff full-time, so you can always send the right person to the right location when you have a project
  • Coverage includes repatriation as needed in the event of illness or injury

With this kind of protection, it’s a lot easier to bring in the kind of people who want to operate on a fast-paced global stage and have the talent to do so well.

Get a Quote on Coverage Today

If you are unsure about the costs of coverage, you can put your mind at ease by getting a quote that reflects the real travel demands and risks of your business. Most companies find that adding voluntary international workers compensation coverage is a lot more cost-effective than they expected, but the only way to know for sure is to talk to someone who understands this type of coverage.

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