Keeping Your Boat in a Marina

Owning a boat is a big responsibility with a lot of work and expense. But spending hot summer days out on the water, fishing, swimming or just hanging is one of life’s great joys. You can keep your boat stored safely at home and use a trailer to take it to and from the water. However, there are advantages to keeping it in a marina.

Benefits of a Marina

A marina is, of course, a place where you rent dock space to keep your boat in the water all the time. It’s like the nautical version of a parking space for an RV. It is an added expense, but there are marina benefits that make it worthwhile.

  • Living on your boat – People do reside on their boats and a marina is a great place to do this. The cost of the marina fees is easily offset by the money saved on household expenses. If you want to go somewhere, it’s as simple as weighing anchor.
  • Security – Marinas are very safe places to keep a boat. Many are gated and only allow access to members. They also commonly have security cameras and personnel.
  • Marina Insurance – When your boat is in a marina, you can get insurance that covers everything. Your boat, personal property on your boat, guests, anything that can suffer damages.

For boat owners, life can be a blast. But a boat requires care. Keeping your boat in a marina just might be your best option. 

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