Know Your Homeowner Rights in an HOA

homeowners rights against hoa

If you live in condos or other properties owned by homeowners associations (HOAs), you are generally under their jurisdiction and their rules. However, as a homeowner yourself, you are protected against some of their more unfair policies. An HOA insurance plan can reinforce your homeowners rights against HOA acts of oppression.

Random Rules and Fines

All HOAs are obligated to run every change in their rules and regulations by the community and within a timely manner. They are not allowed to just introduce new rules and fine homeowners for not following them. Also, they are not allowed to charge hidden fees and fines. You have every right to challenge these actions with the help of an insurance plan.


You can purchase a home and keep a residence without being discriminated by an HOA on the basis of ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation or any protected class. Similarly, you are also protected from eviction based on these aspects.

Court Avoidance

In cases of extreme conflict, another one of your homeowner’s rights against HOA is taking the case to court. It is the last resort, but you can file a lawsuit if attempts to resolve the issue have been unsuccessful.
Your local HOA may have strong guidelines you must abide by, but there are also lines they cannot cross. Protect yourself by learning about your rights and obtaining HOA insurance.

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