Libraries Need Insurance Coverage for These 3 Factors

Library Insurance

Even though libraries are commonly seen as safe, peaceful locations, they still possess some risk. Operators might need to consider obtaining a comprehensive library insurance plan that covers these potential exposures and protects the establishment, its employees and its patrons. The following coverage areas are some of the most common among libraries.

General Liability

Perhaps the plan with the widest scope, general liability insurance protects the library in case a patron is injured due to neglectful conditions of the premises, equipment, employees’ actions and other factors. This insurance coverage covers medical and legal costs related to the injuries, as well as potential slander and libel. Source:

Commercial Property

The items inside the library, such as books, archives, DVDs and more, as well as the building itself, are valuable. Unfortunately, they are also vulnerable to a variety of factors, from disasters like floods and fires, to vandalism and other crimes. Commercial property insurance can cover any repair and replacement costs from these incidents.

Workers’ Compensation

The patrons are not the only people who can be harmed inside the library’s premises. Employees are also exposed to possible hazards and dangers, especially when they are on the clock. Workers’ compensation includes medical bills, lost wages and more. This coverage also helps the library avoid legal charges.

Libraries have several hazards that can be unavoidable and unpredictable. Directors and officials may need library insurance to protect their location from these dangers.

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