Preventing Hazardous Material Haulage From Becoming a Million-Dollar Nightmare

GAIN Insurance

Long-distance truckers haul many types of goods. Conventional freight insurance is usually enough for items considered safe, such as dry goods, and materials that do not pose spoilage or combustion risks, thereby endangering public health and safety. However, laws require additional specialized coverage for tankers hauling toxic chemicals and other dangerous cargo. The experts at GAIN Insurance say fuel tanker liability coverage is vital to protect public safety as well as for legal and responsible operation since the risk of spills or explosions poses danger as the materials are hauled down busy city highways.

Hazmat and Specialty Policies

Drivers hauling dangerous materials need extra protection in the form of specialized tanker liability policies. Laws often require policies to exceed $1 million, as damages from accidents would be costly. In addition to hazmat protection, some insurance agencies also offer protection for other types of fragile cargo.

  • Produce insurance for those hauling fruits and vegetables
  • Moving truck coverage
  • Tow truck insurance
  • Flatbeds protection
  • Dump truck policies

It is important to work with a reliable insurance company to choose the right policies for your particular needs, whether general or specialized.

The proper insurance coverage can help you feel secure. When you know you are covered, you can concentrate on transporting your cargo safely to its destination. You can also fully enjoy the sights and sounds you encounter during the journey.

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