Protect Your Business With Grocery Store Insurance

Grocery Store Insurance

Whether a small bodega or a large retail grocer, protect your business and yourself with a grocery store insurance policy. A comprehensive risk management plan includes a policy that includes property and liability coverage, along with added protections for the risks inherent to the grocery industry.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage protects you financially should a lawsuit be filed against you or your business. Slip and fall claims are covered under liability protections.

Property Coverage

Property coverage protects your building, the contents and equipment from loss. This includes everything that is needed to operate your store and the inventory you sell.

Food Spoilage Coverage

Spoilage coverage protects you from the loss of perishable goods due to a power outage, contamination in your refrigeration system, or if you have an equipment failure.

Business Income Coverage

Loss of income coverage protects your income if you must suspend operations due to a catastrophic event that destroys your business location. This coverage allows you to continue paying your bills and employees should there be a physical loss of the business.

Whether big or small, grocery store insurance covers the most common risks to your store. Providing protection for both you and your store, this specialized insurance should be an essential component of every grocer’s risk management plan.

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