Protect Your Drivers Senior Driving Business

When your business is helping seniors get wherever they need to go, your insurance needs to protect your clientele, employees, and company as thoroughly as possible. Not only is the service you provide essential, it involves contact with a vulnerable population whose needs bring unique risks to your business. It also means you’ve got a unique business model that is unlike most others in the personal transportation industry, with the possible exception of service providers for disabled clients of all ages. That’s why you should be looking into senior driving business insurance programs from transportation business insurance specialists.

What Do These Programs Cover?

These programs cover your commercial vehicle insurance needs as an owner-operator. They can be adapted to fleet companies, but typically the insurance providers who craft senior driving business insurance coverage do have separate fleet coverage programs you may wish to inquire about instead. For the owner operator of a single-vehicle business, one policy handles:

  • PIP & medical payments at statutory minimums or higher as desired
  • Physical damage and bodily injury coverage up to $1.5 million
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage

With flexible deductibles that meet your needs and an approach that is informed by wide experience serving transportation businesses, dedicated senior driving business insurance programs from longtime transportation insurance providers are designed to streamline your risk management. Get a quote today to learn more.

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