Protecting Your Construction Business

“As a construction company, you need insurance that covers against certain claims. In fact, you need an insurance policy created specifically for your industry, called construction general liability insurance. Source:

The Three Areas of Coverage

With this type of insurance, your business is covered for three main types of claims. The first is a bodily injury. This includes harm to employees or visitors to your construction site. The second is false advertising and the third is damage to the property. The types of damage-causing incidents that may be covered by this policy include the following:
Work underground

If a claim is filed, you may be accused of negligence. However, this insurance protects you against such claims and helps with the legal fees so you do not have to pay out of pocket to clear your name and your reputation.

The Areas Not Covered

While this insurance covers some claims your business may face, it does not cover all of them. For example, errors and omissions are not covered in a general liability policy. For all claims other than the three listed above, you may need a separate policy.
Keeping Your Business Operational
Your construction business is vital to the infrastructure of your city, which is why you need appropriate coverage to keep your company running. Construction general liability insurance is a must for anyone in your industry.

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