Reasons You Need Workers Comp Insurance

Workers Compensation Coverage

When you own a staffing agency, you may have employees who work in a variety of fields. Finding a suitable workers comp program can be challenging, but it’s important to be diligent about your search for the right coverage.

  1. It Protects Employees

    The experts at recommend finding the workers comp for staffing firms that will serve your employees the best. Each agency is different, and the kind of coverage you need to make sure your employees who are injured on the job get the medical help and lost wages they deserve depends on how many industries you serve.

  2. It Protects You

    Failure to provide adequate coverage can put you at serious financial risk. If an employee is injured and you don’t have the right type of policy, you can be held liable for lost income or treatments. Workers comp also safeguards your reputation as a company that takes care of its workers.

  3. It’s the Law

    In most states, providing adequate workers comp coverage falls to the employer. Since your staffing firm is technically the company that hires temporary workers, it’s your responsibility to protect them.

Making sure you have adequate workers’ compensation coverage for your staffing firm is essential. Your insurance agent can advise you on the right coverage.

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