Safeguards for Your Next Fair or Expo

state fair insurance

Putting together a statewide event can be an exciting endeavor that benefits the residents of the area as well as tourists. State fairs and expos are popular events filled with entertainment, experiences, food, specialty products for sale and other features that attract large crowds. However, before delving into the fine details of your event, it is important to consider some key elements, such as state fair insurance, are put in place to avoid any unnecessary and costly mishaps.

Inherent Risks

While the risks involved in putting together a large-scale event are inevitable, it should not discourage you from throwing your event altogether. These events can help increase tourism and the state’s income, create jobs and may improve quality of life for residents who look forward to these types of experiences. However, getting coverage exposures such as the following should be a priority before getting started:

  • Liquor
  • Potential damage to property and premises
  • Contract disputes
  • Injuries and accidents
  • Food safety
  • Liability for rides and other mechanical devices
  • Fireworks safety
  • Coverage for human and animal participants

Hosting and managing these types of events have many benefits for everyone involved, but not prioritizing state fair insurance and other necessary requirements has the potential to undo your investment and reputation. Get started by reaching out to an agency such as Impact Programs that understands your unique needs.

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