Securing Your Cargo With Proper Coverage

transportation insurance

Thousands of trucks, vans and semi-trailers venture across the country each day to deliver their products. However, any trucker with experience can tell you that on the road anything can happen. This level of uncertainty means it is wise to invest in appropriate transportation insurance. Even if your company provides transportation services for people, your policy should include these crucial protections.


No matter if you operate a small trucking company or handle a huge fleet, what you carry is likely very valuable. This can make your drivers susceptible to theft at any point during transport. Making sure your transportation insurance includes theft protection is crucial for even the most basic package.


If you handle commercial cargo, chances are your drivers are under time constraints to deliver their cargo fast. Unfortunately, a client may not be happy if their shipment is delayed even if the situation is out the drivers’ hands. Talk with your insurance provider about adding this situation to your policy so you can be better prepared for any fees that a delay may incur.


Weather and accidents can hit even during routine trips. Good transportation insurance covers any damage or loss to cargo that may occur. Be sure to ask your insurance provider about what amount and type of coverage is appropriate for your specific situation.

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