Set Sail for Personalized Insurance Policies

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Set Sail for Personalized Insurance Policies

As the Roman Stoic philosopher Seneca famously stated, “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.” Though he lived more than 2,000 years ago, Seneca’s words ring true today, especially when it comes to finding yacht club insurance. The modern world of insurance can be overwhelming with the sheer variety of options, but smart marina and yacht club owners not only know their business but also plan for the future.

Consider Your Needs

When beginning the search for comprehensive yacht club insurance, gather your company information together in a portfolio. Consider your company’s unique needs and how they can be best served by an insurance company. Some good facts and figures to have on hand include your company size, the types of seacraft and clientele to which you cater and your geographic location.

Compare Insurance Plans

Once you have a solid idea of the types of yacht club insurance you will need, research the policies provided by relevant insurance companies. Discuss the following types of insurance with your broker:

Liability coverage, including but not limited to boats you own and borrow

• Regatta, racing and sailing school liability plans

• General coverage for your physical property and grounds

A good company ought to be willing to provide you with a personalized plan that not only protects your needs now but can appropriately adapt as your yacht club grows. With a quality insurance plan forming your favorable winds, you can better reach the port of successful business.

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