Staying Safe and Alert as a Truck Driver

Truck Driver Safety

Commercial trucking accidents are often serious due to the value of life and property involved. Many of these crashes can be attributed to driver fatigue. Increased demands of the trucking industry make it increasingly apparent that this will continue to contribute unless everyone takes steps to recognize the effects. Accidents due to fatigue can be very costly, but fortunately, most are preventable.

Tips for Drivers

As a driver, it is important to understand when you may be fatigued and not force yourself to operate further than you are able. The potential risks outweigh any gains. There are also actions you can take to decrease the likelihood of getting tired behind the wheel:

  • Get continuous and restful sleep prior to any driving duties.
  • Take frequent breaks even if they are beyond what is federally required.
  • Don’t rely on “temporary” alertness aids such as caffeine or rolling windows down.

Tips for Companies

Trucking companies and owners should also take an active role in preventing truck driver fatigue. This should be more than just monitoring hours and logbooks and should include training programs and open discussions about the dangers of such activity.

Fatigue-related accidents can be detrimental to your driving record and insurance costs. Managing awareness and being vigilant about driver safety will help reduce the chances of a costly accident.

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