Steps Toward Preventing School Violence

There is no denying that the rise of school shootings in U.S. classrooms is alarming. These events do damage that extends far beyond the schools and communities where they happen. While the task may seem impossible in the current climate, preventing school shootings is a goal that must be worked on. The following tips can help generate plans that move your district closer to that goal.

Address Community Needs

School violence perpetrated by community members can be the result of unmet needs within that community. For example, inadequate access to mental health services or persistent bullying can both contribute to violent behavior. Addressing those needs through district services can help reduce the community burden and help promote a healthier atmosphere. 

Identify Problems Early

School staff should be trained to spot and address problems early on. This is especially true when offenders are current or recent students. Teachers have repeated and consistent access to students, and they play a critical role in spotting warning signs or concerning behavior. As such, they should be equipped with the proper training and resources to meet those needs.

School shootings may be more common than ever before, but that does not mean they are something that society should accept as normal. Instead, schools must take steps to prevent future violent acts.

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