The Best Insurance Coverage for Your Nonprofit

The Best Insurance Coverage for Your Nonprofit

Comprehensive, reliable insurance is critical for all businesses and organizations. For owners of nonprofits and other organizations that rely on volunteers, finding the right insurance to cover a large number of people in a nontraditional structure can seem complicated. Fortunately, there are two broad types of nonprofit volunteer insurance that can provide coverage for all of the individuals in your organization.

Coverage for Volunteers

Depending on where you are located, volunteers in your organization may or may not be covered under traditional workers’ compensation. Whether or not this coverage is provided, it is smart to have insurance coverage for your volunteers in the event of a work-related injury.

Coverage for Officers and Directors

A second type of coverage your nonprofit should have is insurance for officers and directors. This type of insurance will protect your organization in the event of a lawsuit, such as one related to copyright infringement, discrimination or wrongful termination.

Good, comprehensive nonprofit volunteer insurance will provide protection for both volunteers and permanent organization members such as officers and directors. By securing both types of coverage for your organization, you are looking out for your volunteers in case of accident or injury ,and looking out for your business should it be subject to legal action. With everyone protected, your business will run smoothly.

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