The Core Maintenance Moves All Wineries Should Make During the Winter Season

Is your winery concerned about making it through the winter season with your product intact, your building in good shape, and your business booming? If so, you may need to take certain winter winery maintenance steps. Here are the top moves you should consider making during the winter.

Ensure the Winemaking Process Goes On Without Interruption

Perhaps the most important wintertime precautions to take involve making sure you can continue producing high-quality wine without interruption. To do this, the winery should:

  • Plan to grow all grapes in warmer weather and continue with fermentation during colder weather
  • Place barrels in a temperature-controlled environment to avoid disruptions
  • Contact key suppliers to ensure the supply chains remain strong throughout the winter season

Prepare the Property To Weather Plunging Temperatures

In addition to ensuring wine quality throughout the winter, you can also prepare your property to weather cold temperatures and keep customers coming in. Remember to:

  • Bring delicate plants indoors
  • Check that the main building is properly insulated to keep visitors comfortable
  • Salt the grounds before forecasted snow and ice
  • Install heat lamps outdoors

For many wineries, taking the right winter winery maintenance steps early on in the season can help prevent major issues and keep business going strong. To ensure your winery is protected from wintertime problems, make these preventative moves today.

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