Tips To Prevent Snow Damage in Your Home

Winter weather can quickly become dangerous for people and homes, and heavy snow can cause damage to roofs, foundations, and pipes. In many cases, your homeowners’ insurance will cover damages related to winter storms. However, that is rarely the case when the damage was preventable with routine maintenance. The following tips can help protect your home from snow damage. 

Keep Trees Trimmed Away From Buildings

Limbs can become too heavy for a tree to support when they are covered in snow and ice. If one breaks too close to your home, it can crash into the roof causing structural damage and potentially letting wet weather inside. Be sure all branches are at least 10 feet from the house to be safe. 

Clean Gutters and Install Ice Breakers Where Needed

Snow that cannot get off the roof can cause water damage. Be sure the gutters are clear so any melting snow can drain off. Also, if you have a metal roof, check to see if ice breakers are recommended and have them installed if needed. 

Remove Snow From Around the Foundation

While you probably think to clear walkways and around cars, you should also show the ground around your foundation some attention. Snow that is left around the house can cause problems once it starts to melt and pool against the foundation. 

Talk to your insurance agent about snow damage & homeowner insurance to learn about additional measures you can take to protect your home. 

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