Top 3 Essential Skills for Investment Banking


When it comes to handling investments, you want someone who is an expert who can anticipate market trends and protect your clients’ assets. Not everyone who enters this fast-paced work environment is prepared to manage the many responsibilities, which is why FGIB can help protect your institution. What are the characteristics of an investment banker that can be an asset to your company? These are just three skills you should look for.

  1. Social Skills: A good investment banker should have a positive outlook and exceptional interpersonal and networking finesse. Without the ability to build relationships, a banker may not be able to make those connections that lead to successful ventures.
  2. Discipline: A strong work ethic may be a good indicator that someone is cut out for the world of investment banking. This is a high-stress field with long hours and many demands. It certainly isn’t for everyone, so for people who prefer more direction and less multitasking, this may not be a good fit.
  3. Intelligence: An analytical mind and strong problem-solving abilities are just two characteristics of an investment banker that can make a difference. A solid background in mathematics, economics, and finance can also provide the expertise an investment banker should have to perform well.

These characteristics can make all the difference between an average and an exceptional investment banker. Keep them in mind when your financial institution conducts an employee search.

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