Top Housing Insurance Coverages

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Top Housing Insurance Coverages

For any owner of commercial property, insurance is crucial. This is particularly true for residential building owners. If you own low or mixed-income housing buildings, then you may need specific insurance options from quality groups like Housing Insurance Services Inc. When it comes to coverages, there are two primary coverages that you need to consider.

Commercial Property Coverage

Commercial property coverage protects your housing complex against fire, storms, theft, vandalism and burst pipes. In most cases, this type of coverage does not include earthquakes or flood insurance. However, you can choose add-ons for your policy. For instance, some policies might allow you to add on equipment breakdown and coverage for computer equipment.

Commercial Liability Coverage

Commercial liability coverage is what protects your business from any financial loss. If you’re responsible for property damage or personal injury, you need insurance that will help pay your legal costs. Also, you can add options to cover employers liability and employee benefits liability.

If you own an apartment complex or affordable housing complex, then you need specialized insurance coverages. Commercial properties have a high risk and it’s crucial that you prepare for those risks. One of the best ways to manage your risks is through housing insurance from qualified companies like Housing Insurance Services Inc.

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