Top Ways Sexual Misconduct Affects Your Staffing Firm

The #MeToo has made coverage against sexual misconduct a necessity for many businesses. The movement brought to light the egregious practices of famous men and has become a grassroots effort to affect businesses of all shapes and sizes. Staffing firms are in a unique position as sexual misconduct can affect an employee either at the firm or the client’s business.

Behavior Training

The website points out that molestation and sexual misconduct allegations can cause damage to the company’s reputation and financial assets. One way to combat the risk is to train all employees on appropriate workplace behavior. The training should go beyond what is appropriate regarding words and touch, but also it should include the impacts of those behaviors on others within the workplace.

Company Negligence

As essential as it is to properly train employees about sexual misconduct, it is imperative that the company itself have a plan in place for handling allegations. While no one thinks an employee will do something, it is better to have a plan in place should something happen. Failure to properly report the incident or handle it can result in a lawsuit by the affected employee.
Coverage against sexual misconduct goes beyond a general liability policy to offer additional protection in the post #MeToo movement. Protect your employees from unwanted sexual conduct and your business in the process.

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