Travel Accident Insurance for Your Employee

Business travel accident insurance provides protection for your employees and supervisors when traveling as part of their role at the company, providing you with a key protection for the personnel you need to send wherever opportunity presents itself. Travel accident policies are designed to fill the gaps in coverage that are created during travel, gaps that employees with a static workplace don’t encounter. This provides peace of mind for yourself and your employees, so they can focus on the business at hand whether you are sending them to close a deal, support a client, or deliver a presentation.

Common Sense Protections

Death and dismemberment coverage for employees who travel is an essential protection, if only for the extra assurance it provides. The policy can also be written to extend coverage to non-employee groups as necessary. Just ask your contact at Moody Insurance about policies that cover:

  • Church groups
  • Directors and officers
  • School groups

Business travel insurance that protects you in the event of accidents is affordable, flexible, and easy to set up for your group, whether you’re covering employees or other individuals traveling with you to get the work done, wherever you do it. Don’t leave gaps in your risk management plan when the solution is so easy to set up, just talk to someone about your needs and see what options present themselves.

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