What Do People Want to Know About Insurance


A lot of common questions about insurance come up again and again. When working on SEO for insurance agencies, answering these questions is a great way boost traffic and direct customers to your services. Here are three kinds of questions you should answer to maximize your search engine clicks.

Which Insurance Company Is Best?

When someone asks a question on Google, not much thought is typically given to precise wording or on which result to choose. This is why SEO for insurance agencies is important. If you can direct clicks to your website from basic questions like these, you can increase your traffic.

What Insurance Is Near Me?

Optimizing for local searches is also important for insurance companies. Almost 50% of searches are now done with a location criteria, thanks to Google. You can take advantage of this by developing your web content for targeted localities.

Will Insurance Cover…?

Knowing your product is as important as ever, so encourage web traffic through questions about your insurance offerings. New analytics show that getting your result in the “top 5” search positions makes all the difference. In fact, getting a jump from the 3rd result to the 2nd improves the click-through rate by 30%.

Answering these questions and prioritizing SEO for insurance agencies is the key to succeeding in today’s online marketing world.

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