What Does Typical Home Owners Insurance Cover?

Home Owners Insurance

There is a lot of confusion surrounding homeowners insurance. One of the biggest questions is what exactly does this insurance typically cover.

The Home

Although it may seem obvious, home insurance covers your home in the event of lightning, fire, or hail damage. It does not cover hurricanes, floods or other natural disasters unless you specifically purchase that coverage. If you live in a flood zone, your mortgage company may require flood insurance.


The liability portion of homeowners insurance covers you if someone is injured on your property. It covers the cost of medical payments and the cost of any lawsuits filed against you.

Personal Property

This portion of your policy covers the contents of your home, such as furniture, appliances and clothing. Personal property coverage is an excellent thing to have in the event of a fire but be careful if the damage is due to a flood or other natural disaster, you will need a different form of coverage.

Living Expenses

Living expenses insurance is sometimes called a loss of use policy. This covers hotels and rentals if you have to leave your home when something has rendered it unlivable.

Some insurance policies are better than others. You have to read your policy carefully, so you know exactly what is covered and what is not.

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