What To Do When Your Vehicle is Damaged by Construction


Road construction is necessary for the continued safety of drivers and the protection of their vehicles. Unfortunately, road construction can also be the source of damage to vehicles. Punctured tires, cracked windshields and chipped paint are all common occurrences from debris flying or littering the road.

The experts at SB One Insurance tell that when damage does occur, the Standard of Care law will help determine who is at fault. This law weighs the degree of attentiveness expected of the construction company to ensure damages do not occur to passing vehicles. Unfortunately, you’ll have to go to court to let a judge make that determination.

Take these steps if your vehicle is damaged by construction:

  • Pull over in a safe area and take pictures of the damage.
  • Write down or record what happened and the exact location while it is still fresh in your mind. 
  • Call the county sheriff to report the damage. The sheriff’s office will know which company was working in that area and can facilitate you making contact with them. 

Many times, the construction company has insurance that protects against these types of situations. They should be willing to work with you without the need for the courts intervening. Remember, always drive slowly through construction sites and stay aware of any potential hazards.

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