What Your Customers Need to Gain From Your Marketing Efforts

Agency Tsunami

If you are the owner of a new insurance agency, you may think that marketing is a task reserved for restaurants, boutiques, and other non-financial industries. The reality is that you need insurance marketing. Branding your agency is important for showing customers that you’re a professional, trustworthy agency, capable of meeting and exceeding their needs. The key is to market yourself in a way that your customers will appreciate.

Customers Want to Know You’re Different From Other Agencies

As found on Agency Tsunami, the most important component of your marketing is showing your potential clients how you are different from other insurance agencies. Ask current clients why they do business with your agency, how you solve their problems, what they feel you always do well, and where they feel you could improve services. Use this information to change what you need to and then create excellent branding content about the ways you stand out from the competition.

They Want Examples, Not Just Words

Every insurance agency says it provides great service, is independent, has been in business for decades, or some variation thereof. These aren’t branding strategies, though. To turn this kind of information into branding, be more specific. Provide specific examples of great services, such as whether you return phone calls right away and when you contact the client first. Show potential clients what you mean when you say you have great service, are a pillar in the community, or want to work with them one on one.
Hiring a reputable insurance marketing agency can further assist you with the task of branding your insurance agency. Remember to compare several companies to ensure you choose the right one for you.

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