Why Social Service Workers Need Professional Liability

social services professional liability

Why Social Service Workers Need Professional Liability

Social service workers face different risks than most businesses, so it is important to be equipped with proper social services professional liability insurance. This can protect you from lawsuits and other claims made by a client so your work is not hindered in the process.

What Is Professional Liability?

Professional liability is for anyone or any business that offers services or advice to clients. It provides protection mainly for instances of financial loss. This is a separate policy from general liability insurance, which protects against injuries and property damage.

How Can It Help Social Service Professionals?

Most social service agencies carry professional liability for the company, but this does not always cover individual employees. That means you can be at risk for the three most common lawsuits in the industry, which are the following:


Since the agency is covered with their own professional liability insurance in cases of errors and omissions, you may be expected to carry your own before an agency will hire you. This is to protect themselves and you from potential lawsuits.

Protecting Social Service Workers

If you are a social worker or you work in the social services industry, you need social services professional liability to protect you against claims of errors and omissions. Not only does this help with lawsuits, but it also safeguards your reputation.

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