Why You Need Stop Gap Insurance

Gap Insurance

If you manage a staffing company, it is important to make sure you have the proper type of coverage for all situations, including stop gap insurance. Perhaps you are asking the question what is stop gap liability. Here is how this type of protection can help your organization.

Protect Temporary Employees on Assignment 

Because a temporary staffing firm will send employees out on different assignments, it is important to know that they could get injured on the job. This could include an accident or even a disease. Since the employee is technically working for your company, you are responsible for having the right type of protection, according to worldwide specialty programs.

Knowing the Areas That Need Stop Gap Liability

Not all states need stop gap coverage. If you are in a monopolistic state, then it is necessary for you to have this type of protection. These states include Wyoming, North Dakota, Ohio, and Washington. Having the right liability insurance can protect your staffing agency in case you are taken to court.

The next time you find yourself asking what is stop gap liability, it is coverage for temporary employees in certain states. If you live in one of these areas, make sure you have the protection you need in case a problem arises.

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