Winterize Jet Skis in a Few Simple Steps

Personal Watercraft

Jet skis are common summertime toys for use on the water. Rental companies use personal watercraft rental insurance to keep losses at bay. Use these tips to winterize the jet skis so they can enjoy another summer of fun without added costs.

Water Removal

The first thing to do is to remove any excess water from the watercraft prior to storage. Follow the instructions on the owner’s manual to remove the water from the cooling system. Then clean the jet ski using mild soap and finish with a fresh coat of wax. Remove excess grime from the bilge area to prep it for the coming year.

Maintenance Tips

Now is a great time to check the fluids and perform some annual maintenance. Fill the gas tank with a stabilizer all the way up to keep the tank clean. Use a fogging oil on the spark plug cylinders and carburetor. To keep the battery charged, remove it from the watercraft starting with the negative connection.

Safe Storage

For best results, avoid storing the watercraft in the water. Good options include placing on a trailer or parking in a storage facility. As seen on, it is a good idea to maintain watercraft insurance coverage throughout the year.

These winterizing tips can help your watercraft rentals be ready for the start of the next year’s season. Personal watercraft rental insurance is there should something go wrong.

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